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How to Use Our Fortnite eDPI Calculator

To calculate your Fortnite eDPI, simply input your Fortnite in-game sensitivity and your mouse's DPI. Once you've entered valid numerical values into both inputs, the calculator will automatically display your calculated Fortnite eDPI.

You can find your in-game sensitivity in your Fortnite settings.

Most modern gaming mice use software for adjusting their settings. For example, you can set a Logitech gaming mouse's DPI using the associated Logitech Gaming Software.

If your mouse doesn't have software to change and view its DPI, search google to find its default DPI settings.

How to Calculate Your eDPI for Fortnite

You can find your Fortnite eDPI by multiplying your in-game sensitivity by your mouse's DPI.

Fortnite eDPI = Fortnite Sensitivity * Mouse DPI

Why Knowing Your Fortnite eDPI is Useful

You can think of your Fortnite eDPI as your Effective Sensitivity after both your in-game sensitivity and mouse's DPI are factored in.

Because eDPI factors in mice settings and not just a gamer's Fortnite sensitivity, it allows you properly compare your effective sensitivity to anyone else's settings.

Other Games

Our eDPI Calculator supports all games, including:

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