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What is eDPI? And Why is it Useful to Know?

While eDPI is a simple calculation (see below), it's actually a very useful number to know for comparing your effective sensitivity to other gamers.

First, a quick explanation of DPI and in-game Sensitivity:

DPI is an abbreviation for "Dots Per Inch." It's a measurement of how many dots or "pixels" your cursor moves on your monitor when you move your mouse one inch. Adjusting your mouse's DPI will affect how far your cursor moves in all programs on your computer.

A lower DPI means you'll need to move your mouse further to move your cursor than you would if you had a higher DPI.

Most modern gaming mice have associated software (like Logitech Gaming Software) that allows you to adjust your mouse's DPI, though older or cheaper mice may come preconfigured with a set DPI.

Logitech Gaming Software DPI Settings

Sensitivity is a setting in video games that determines how much mouse movement you need to move your aim. Unlike DPI, your in-game sensitivity only affects your movement in that one program.

eDPI stands for "Effective Dots Per Inch." You can also think of it as your effective sensitivity after both your DPI and in-game sensitivity are considered.

For example, you could have the same in-game sensitivity as a friend, but if your mouse's DPI is set to 800 and your friend's DPI is set to 1600, your eDPI would be half of your friends. In other words, you'd need to move your mouse twice as far to move your crosshair the same distance as your friend would, despite having the same in-game sensitivity.

Because both sensitivity and DPI factor into your effective sensitivity, eDPI is a handy value to know for comparing settings when gamers use different DPIs.

How to Calculate Your eDPI?

eDPI is calculated by multiplying your mouse's DPI by your in-game sensitivity.

eDPI = DPI * sensitivity

Example 1 below shows how players with the same in-game sensitivity can have drastically different eDPIs and effective sensitivities.

  • Player 1: 800 DPI * 2 In-Game Sensitivity = 1600 eDPI
  • Player 2: 1600 DPI * 2 In Game Sensitivity = 3200 eDPI

Example 2 below shows how players with different in-game sensitivities and mouse DPIs can have the same eDPI and effective sensitivity.

  • Player 1: 800 DPI * 2 In-Game Sensitivity = 1600 eDPI
  • Player 2: 1600 DPI * 1 In-Game Sensitivity = 1600 eDPI

eDPI Does Not Let You Compare Sensitivity From One Game to Another

It's important to understand that eDPI only allows you to compare effective sensitivities for the same game.

If you're looking to convert your sensitivity to another game, use our Mouse Sensitivity Converter. Our mouse sensitivity converter will also tell you your eDPI for the game you're converting your sensitivity to, plus it will tell you your in/360 and cm/360 for both games.

Supported Games

Our eDPI Calculator can be used to find your eDPI for any game, including: